Interlink Upcycling

interlinked with the environment, interlinked with the community

At Interlink Upcycling, our goal is to keep used textiles out of the bin. We collect worn, damaged and unsaleable clothes and household textiles, and use the fabric to create new items.  

Why upcycle?

It's great for the environment! It reduces waste, carbon emissions, and other pollution from manufacturing. Plus, it decreases demand for new materials, reducing our environmental footprint.

Waste shipped across the world: a double whammy

Unwanted clothing has some specific problems. As anyone who has worked in an op shop will tell you, the amount of clothing that is donated far exceeds the amount that can be  sold. In many cases, unwanted clothes are resold to low-income countries, where unusable items end up in landfill. Throwing old clothes in the bin isn't great, but shipping them overseas to be thrown out in low-income countries is even worse. This is what Interlink Upcycling is trying to prevent.

So next time you take clothes to a charity or recycling bin, check the details. Are the items you're dropping off still usable? Does the organisation you're donating to keep unusable items in Australia for recycling? If not, contact us for collection instead! 

How can I help?

We all know the mantra: if you wouldn't wear it yourself, don't donate it. But here at Interlink Upcycling, we hate throwing clothes in the bin! Items that can no longer be worn often still have plenty of usable fabric. So rather than throwing out old, stained, or damaged textiles, give them a new life! Check out the 'What we accept' page, or email us today for collection: